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Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos Steps Down

Cell C CEO

Cell C CEO, Jose Dos Santos has stepped down from his leadership role at the mobile network provider. Jose Dos Santos will be giving up his position of Cell C CEO to take up a different role in the company, which announced the news on Friday (22 February 2019). The decision to step down as Cell C CEO will take effect on 01 March 2019.

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Jose Dos Santos has been at the company for the past six years. For five of those six years, he was the Chief Executive Officer, leading the company in many of its massive business deals and strategies. The company announced that once Jose Dos Santos steps down as Cell C CEO on the effective date, he will be taking up a consultant role at the company. As his role of consultant, he will be giving advice on strategy to the chairman of the board at Cell C. One of these strategies on which Jose Dos Santos will be advising on as his new role of a consultant, is how the company will be reshaping its debt, to ensure it remains a sustainable business.

The company had only nice things to say about Jose Dos Santos, and the reason behind him stepping down as Cell C CEO has not been revealed. But, many are speculating that it might be because of the company’s financial reporting, which is set to take place soon.

We would like to thank Jose for his tireless work over the past six years, of which five of those have been at the helm of this company.

An interim Cell C CEO is expected to be announced shortly, with Kuben Pillay remaining as the chairman of the board at Cell C. Kuben Pillay seems confident the company will be fine without Jose Dos Santos as the Cell C CEO:

Cell C has a very experienced leadership team that will continue to execute on the company’s business plan.

Who do you think will be appointed as the next CEO at Cell C?


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