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Battlefield V Xbox One File Size Revealed

Battlefield V Xbox One file size

According to the Microsoft Store, the Battlefield V Xbox One file size is approximately 31.89 GB. While that might look smaller than expected, you have to remember that it doesn’t include any DLC’s or patches.

We saw with the Red Dead Redemption Xbox One file size that the Microsoft store listed it as under 90GB, but when pre-loading opened it jumped to over 100GB. While the “approximate” file sizes listed on both the Xbox One and PlayStation Stores are a good indication of what we can expect, it shouldn’t be taken as written in stone.

The Battlefield V Xbox One file size is currently listed as approximately 31.89GB for the Standard Edition on the Microsoft Store page. Both the PS4 and Xbox One file sizes for Battlefield 1 on launch day were listed as 42.4GB. That’s just under 11GB smaller for Battlefield V. However, the currently listing for Battlefield 1 shows a download size of 74.41GB, so my guess is that the final Battlefield V download size for console will fall closer to 70GB.

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Battlefield V releases on November 20 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, while Origin and EA Access members can jump into the battlefield starting November 9. Everyone who logs into the game between 9 – 27 November receives two free gifts:

  1. Oscar Mike Helmet (seen in cover image) for Allied soldiers
  2. Oscar Mike Emblem that you can equip on your Company‘s soldiers, vehicles, and weapons

Earlier this week, EA DICE announced that Battlefield V has gone gold, meaning it is ready to be shipped and will meet its launch day of November 27.