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There Are 1.5 Billion Active Apple Devices, Despite Disappointing iPhone Sales

Apple Devices

Apple just reported on its first-quarter earnings, and, despite disappointing iPhone sales, there are now 1.4 billion active Apple devices in the world.

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Apple has had its own share of drama for the first, short bit of 2019. First, the company’s CEO had to reassure everyone that Apple wasn’t in financial trouble after disappointing iPhone sale for 2018 was reported. Then, a recent FaceTime bug has gone viral, which has placed Apple’s concerns for its users’ privacy in the spotlight.

Now, the company has reported that, despite a 15% drop in iPhone sales for the 2018 holiday season, there are a massive amount of active Apple devices in the world. 1.5 billion to be exact. These active Apple devices include Apple products like iPhones, Apple Watches, MacBooks, iPads, iPods, Apple TVs, etc. These figures don’t include Apple accessories though, like AirPods.

Our active installed base of devices reached an all-time high of 1.4 billion in the first quarter, growing in each of our geographic segments. That’s a great testament to the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, and it’s driving our Services business to new records thanks to our large and fast-growing ecosystem.

From the 1.4 billion active Apple devices that currently exist in the world, 900 million are iPhones that are currently in active use, which is up from last year by 9%.

The company posted quarterly revenue of $84.3 billion for the first quarter, which is a 5% decline from last year’s quarterly revenue for the same period.

The company aims to generate between $55 billion and $59 billion in revenue for its 2019 second quarter, which it seems confident it will be reaching, with Tim Cook saying that:

While it was disappointing to miss our revenue guidance, we manage Apple for the long term, and this quarter’s results demonstrate that the underlying strength of our business runs deep and wide.

Do you use any Apple devices? Drop a comment below with some of the devices you’re currently using.


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