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Hundreds of Thousands of Apex Legends Cheaters Have Been Banned

Apex Legends Cheaters

Developer Respawn Entertainment has revealed how many Apex Legends cheaters it has banned playing the game on PC since it was launched in February of this year. And there are a lot of cheaters based on the staggering amount of players already banned since the game released in early February.

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Apex Legends cheaters have been getting hardware bans and other consequences have been suffered by those who choose to not play the battle royale game by the rules. Now, Respawn Entertainment has revealed just how many players have already been banned from the game due to them breaking rules and the numbers are really high.

770 000 cheaters have been blocked by Respawn Entertainment who have been playing Apex Legends on PC alone. Adding to this, Respawn Entertainment revealed that it has blocked over 300 000 Apex Legends accounts from being created in the first place. These accounts are likely to belong to cheaters that have been previously banned and are attempting to create another account to bypass their ban. This could confirm players reporting that Respawn Entertainment has been dealing out permanent hardware bands. The developer went on to reveal that it has blocked over 4 000 Apex Legends cheat reseller accounts in the past 20 days alone, which means Respawn Entertainment is on a serious mission to crack down on players who want to bypass rules in Apex Legends. The developer revealed that its efforts are reducing the number of cheaters encountered in matches in Apex Legends

Total affected matches on PC impacted by cheaters or spammers has been reduced by over half in the last month due to recent efforts.

Respawn Entertainment concluded that it will continue to fight cheaters in the game.

Apex Legends numbers have been going down in the last few weeks, with players complaining about a lack of content.

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