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Southampton FC Manager Warns of Pro Footballers’ Gaming Addiction Risks

Gaming Addiction

The manager of Southampton Football Club, Ralph Hasenhüttl, has urged that professional footballers become aware of the risks of gaming addiction. He went on to stress that professional footballers who do fall into the gaming addiction pit, needs to be provided with the same kind of support provided to sufferers from other forms of addiction, like alcohol, sex, drugs, and the likes.

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The Austrian-born manager has stated that he is advocating for more protection for footballers against gaming addiction, as he has experienced first hand at his formed club – RB Leipzig – how the disorder could negatively affect an individual.

Gaming is something you have to force action against and I will do this. I did it in my last club. We had problems with players – they were playing until 3am before a match.

He went on to explain that football clubs have a responsibility to protect players as well as help players who are already struggling with being addicted to playing games.

It’s something you get addicted to and you have to protect the players; that’s something we have to do as a club. To protect them means we have to help them to not spend so much time gaming. I will always be active in this direction.

Southampton FC striker, Shane Long, recently deleted his Twitter account due to the negativity it brings into his personal and professional life. Another Southampton FC player, Nathan Redmond, also deleted his social media accounts for similar reasons. The club’s manager added, however, that his current team doesn’t have issues with gaming addiction, but that he would immediately step in and do something about it if the problem was to occur under his watch.

In my own squad at the moment there are no problems, but you can be sure that I am in contact with my captain and a few players to speak about the dangers of gaming addiction.

Do you think addiction to video games is a disorder and should be taken seriously?


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