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The SA Government Will Treat Huawei Like A Local Business Amidst Android License Suspension


The South African government has weighed in on Huawei and the latest drama the Chinese telecommunications company finds itself in.

Over the past weekend, Google announced that it will be suspending Huawei’s license to run the company’s Android mobile software on Huawei devices. The suspension came after the US government placed the Chinese company on an entry list ban after it accused the Chinese company of having the ability to aid the Chinese government to spy on US citizens through its mobile devices. Despite the Chinese company has denied these allegations, the US government still went ahead to effectively blacklist Huawei.

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The South African government, through a spokesperson for the Department of Trade and Industry, Sidwell Medupe, has stated that it does not intend to change its behaviour towards the Chinese company, even after the US government’s blacklisting and Google’s suspension of Android support.

We do not discriminate against any international companies; we treat foreign companies like local companies. Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, and other telecom equipment companies are treated the same.

The initial impact of Google’s suspension won’t be too big, as Android is an open source product.

However, Google owns certain apps and services, which it licenses out and which will now not be available for Huawei devices going forward. Vital security updates, patches, bug fixes, and other Android updates won’t be released to Huawei devices if the suspension isn’t lifted. It is also unlikely that future devices from the Chinese company will be running Android either if the suspension is not lifted.


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