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Hilarious RDR2 Bug Can Make Your Horse Spontaneously Combust

RDR2 bug

A curse has befallen Red Dead Redemption 2 in the form of spontaneously combusting horses. Yes, your stallion could soon catch fire and maybe even take you with it, if you fall victim to this RDR2 bug. Now we know cars can burn and Rockstar is quite famous for a little franchise called Grand Theft Auto, but come on…

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Without spoiling anything, you should know that while trotting on your trusty horse companion to a certain town during the main story, your horse might catch fire and die. This is definitely a bug and not all players are experiencing it, but when it does happen, it is hilarious.

Look at this “terrible” incident befalling players as showcased by Nasty Old Wizard on Twitter.

Apparently, this happens just as a warning message appears asking players to be nice during a quest. As you can see, the player above isn’t doing anything wrong. Some reports suggest that the horse’s tail will become erect before the fire consumes it. After nearly 7 years in this industry, I could finally type that last line and scratch it off my bucket list.

We all know Rockstar can be quite the jokers. Therefore, a part of me thinks this might be some kind of Halloween prank. It doesn’t appear to stop progression other than players just having to reload a save, so no one really gets hurt except for the poor horse. You can check out a huge discussion about horses in RDR2 spontaneously combusting in this Reddit thread.

I, for one, am nearing that part of the story in my quest to bring you an in-depth review of the game. Maybe, just maybe, I can get you some footage of my horse, “Sillinoob” catching fire.

What do you think about this RDR2 bug? Has your horse caught fire and do you think this might be some kind of Halloween prank? Let us know in the comment section below.


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