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Glitched Season 3 is Here – Catch Up On All The South African Gaming

Glitched Season 3

We have been cooking up something special for you. Over the next three weeks, before everything shuts down for the Festive Season, we have a couple of episodes of our awesome GLITCHED show to share with you starting with the first episode today! Glitched season 3 begins now!

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As you might not know, Glitched is all about sharing the gaming love and the show was created before the site was even built to act as a place to catch up with local news, check what happened at events, watch some game reviews and share the passion for the industry in South Africa. Over the next few weeks, we will do just that as we have three packed episodes that cover everything that happened in the past few weeks as well as some rather great and also controversial games.

Like always, the show is hosted by the awesome Pippa Tshabalala and put together by our passionate production crew, Darryn Muller and Brendan Ramos (the awesome 404 stream team)

In our Season 3 debut, we attend the launch of Pokemon: Let’s Go hosted by Nintendo, build a giant LEGO Hogwarts Castle, take a trip to Emperors Palace with the winners of our LEGO competition, and review an epic game and one not-so-epic one. Check out the first episode of Season 3 of Glitched below and remember to share the love so we can carry on bringing you awesome South African content like this;

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