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FrameView is NVIDIA’s Own Framerate Capture Tool – Get it For Free Now

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When you build a new gaming PC, or you are just upgrading your old one with a new graphics card, the first thing you do is probably run some benchmarks then check out how your PC performs in your favourite games, or a new AAA title. There has been a bunch of framerate capture tools out in the wilds for a long time, with my favourite being FRAPS. Now, NVIDIA has released their own tool, called FrameView and it has a feature that other framerate capture tools don’t have.

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With FrameView, you can also track your power usage, which means you can acertain if your PC is running and performing correctly without the need for any additional tools. FrameView covers all the bases, including frame rates, frame times, power usage, performance per watt, and more.

Further, FrameView can apparently capture data from virtually all games, as it supports all major API’s, including Vulkan, UWP, DirectX 9, 10, 11 and 12. This framerate capture tool seems very robust and after testing it out this morning, I’ve experienced no issues and can attest that it is indeed a solid experience.

You can download FrameView for free by heading on over to this link.

For those with AMD cards, yes, you can use FrameView as well as the app isn’t just for NVIDIA GPUs, but for everyone. The only issue for AMD users is that, as NVIDIA explains: “AMD鈥檚 GPU power consumption API reports a value in-between chip power and board power, rather than the true values.”

NVIDIA says that FrameView is the go-to app for your benchmarking needs, explaining that:

It has a minimal, lightweight impact on performance while benchmarking, its integrated overlay enables you to view performance and stats during gameplay, and it鈥檚 vendor agnostic, too, enabling the collection of detailed, comparative data. In short, if you want to view or collect real-time GPU performance and power data in games, FrameView delivers more of it with a higher degree of accuracy than many other tools and methods, making it the go-to app for benchmarking.


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Will you be giving FrameView a shot and do you often use framerate capture tools? Let us know in the comment section below.


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