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Epic Games Promises Free Item to Players Being Unable to View Fortnite Vault Event

Fortnite Vault

The Fortnite Vault event happened yesterday. After the Fortnite volcano started looking like it might erupt, it finally blew and the Fortnite vault opened over Loot Lake, into which lava had spewed. But some players couldn’t take part of the event, with Epic Games apologising and promising a free item.

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Yesterday, a timer appeared above Loot Lake, and when its countdown was complete, the Fortnite volcano blew and lava spewed all over the place. The mysterious object floating over Loot Lake – thought to have been a UFO – turned out to be a Vault, which opened and transported players to another dimension. Unfortnutenly, some players were not able to take part in the event. Epic Games has promised players who were unable to partake in the Fortnite Vault event, that it will be releasing replay files so that players can watch the event from within the client.

Epic Games went on to promise players access to a special item called the Arcana Glider to compensate for some players not being able to participate in the Fortnite Vault event.

Players who were able to enter the Vault, were transported to another dimension where 6 items that were previously available in the popular battle royale game were encased. Players were then tasked at pick-axing their way to these encased items. These items were part of a voting system – the more players pick-axed an item, the more votes it got to be brought back into the game. Players who were able to enter the Fortnite Vault voted for the Drum Gun to be brought back.

Were you able to participate in the event? Drop a comment below in the comments section.


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