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Fortnite Getting Invaded by Pennywise – IT Chapter Two Crossover Teased

Fortnite Pennywise crossover IT Chapter Two

Fortnite has done a tonne of crossovers with the Fortnite X Mayhem (a Borderlands crossover) still going strong. Now, it seems like an IT Chapter 2 crossover will happen as Pennywise is likely to invade the game. It makes a lot of sense really, as where would this demonic clown find a hundred kids these days? Probably a Fortnite match, right?

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IT Chapter Two premiers tomorrow in cinemas in the US (and South Africa) so this would be the perfect time for Epic Games to throw a demonic clown at Fortnite players. That’s exactly what they are doing it seems, as red balloons have started appearing out of sewer grates.

Cut one of these balloons down and you will hear an evil laugh coming out of the sewer. If that isn’t proof of Pennywise invading Fornite, then I don’t know what is. Check out an example of the red balloons and what happens when you hit one below as captured by Fortnite News.

Well, that’s pretty scary but one has to wonder where Epic Games will be going with this one in terms of a full-on crossover event. Maybe nothing else will happen, or maybe Pennywise will be seen lurking around the map. Heck, the demonic clown could even emerge as some form of enemy players can shoot, but so far, he seems to be chilling in the Fortnite sewers.

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What do you think about Pennywise invading Fortnite? Let us know in the comment section below.


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