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Massive Fortnite Dragon Eye Discovered

Fortnite Dragon

Fortnite is great at feeding cool clues to its players. A new Fortnite dragon eye clue has been found and players are freaking out as it ties into other previous clues, that a dragon or multiple dragons are heading to the game.

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The new Fortnite dragon eye has been spotted where the volcanic debris collided with Polar Peak when the volcano erupted before the start of Season 9.

The eye can be seen through a layer of clear ice and the owner of the eye is very much alive. The eye, which definitely looks like an eye belonging to a massive dragon, follows players around when they move close enough around it and it twitches and blinks, too. Players have also reported that if you stand close enough, and it’s quiet enough, you can hear the massive creature’s heartbeat and breathing. As you can see from the video below, you can’t get to the creature by breaking through the ice wall.

During Fortnite’s Season 7, eggs were spotted by players below Polar Peak. Lizards eventually hatched from the eggs, but some players are speculating that a larger dragon-like creator laid the eggs. So this new eye could signify that a Fortnite dragon or multiple dragons are coming soon. And as the next Fortnite Season will be number 10, it might mean that Fortnite players have been correct in speculating that the eye belongs to a dragon.

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Do you think the eye at Polar Peak belongs to a Fortnite dragon?


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