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First Battlefield V Tides of War Release Date Revealed Alongside December Content Updates

Battlefield V Tides of War

We’ve been playing Battlefield V since the Deluxe Edition launched with Origin Access Premier on November 9, and so far, we’ve had a fantastic time. The only downside at the moment for me is that South African players mostly stick to playing Conquest, with very few interested in Grand Operations. I’ve played it on European servers, and have to say that it is not as “grand” as expected. I would love to experience something other than Conquest with local players, and hopefully, more will join when the game launches worldwide on November 20. For those who are keen to play something new, EA DICE announced the release details for Battlefield V Tides of War as well as other content unlocking this December.

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The first chapter for Battlefield V Tides, called “Overture” unlocks on Tuesday, 04 December. Tides of War brings themed experiences of World War 2 to Battlefield V. Overture starts with the fall of Europe and includes timed events for players. These events include special assignments and missions as well as Operations events.

Tides of War will be an evolving journey featuring a new narrative every few months. Each chapter of Tides of War will focus on a particular aspect of the era, with unique gameplay experiences to drive players forward.

Rewards for completing events include new vehicles and weapons, dog tags and emblems, face paint, and soldier and weapon skins. One of the most important features of Tides of War is that it unlocks new archetypes for all the classes. These archetypes expand the options for playstyles, one of these are the Paratrooper Recon archetype – a Scout that uses stealth and silenced weaponry to take out enemies. Another example is for the Support Class that can create a profile for the Machine Gunner and or the Engineer archetypes. All these customizations take place in The Company.

Battlefield V Tides of War chapter 1 isn’t the only new content releasing on December 4. War Stories’ final episode, The Last Tiger also releases as well as a new multiplayer map: Panzerstorm, the Practice Range, and Vehicle Visual Customization. Then on December 6 the first limited-time assignments and progression features for Tides of War Overture kicks off. In the Practice Range (based on Hamada map), you’ll find the shooting range to do some target practice, as well as a training centre for vehicles and planes. The new multiplayer map, Panzerstorm is set in Belgium and focuses on armored warfare.

Keep in mind that Battlefield V has no premium pass and all upcoming content unlocks for every player. In other Battlefield V news, DICE is currently looking into mouse and keyboard support for console, more news to follow soon.

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