• By Nastassja Robberts
  • 12th Mar 2019

Six Super Strange Superheroes With Weird Powers

Some superheroes, like the popular ones, have cool superpowers like flight, invisibility, longevity, healing, speed, photon blasts, etc. Others have some pretty strange superpowers that seem really bi

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Too Easy
  • By Marco Cocomello
  • 30th Jan 2019

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 Too Easy?

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally out and I am really enjoying it. It is the most ambitious entry in the series with bigger worlds, better stories and the visuals are just wow! So far it has lived up to the

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Best Kingdom Hearts Worlds
  • By Marco Cocomello
  • 28th Jan 2019

The Best Worlds of Kingdom Hearts So Far

The Kingdom Hearts series has been known for its fantastic Disney cross-over worlds and if you have ever played any of the games you would know that it delivers true reimaginings of these Disney setti

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