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Fallout 76 Might Get Loot Boxes in The Future

Fallout 76 loot boxes

It is probably fair to say that Fallout 76 quickly became the Bethesda title with the worst reception from fans and critics alike when it released in November. The publisher has been in hot water regarding the game for multiple reasons, from the buggy experience to the Power Armor Edition’s poor quality nylon bags and much, much more. Now, it has been uncovered that Fallout 76 loot boxes could arrive in the future.

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Fallout 76 loot boxes could be called Lunchboxes as suggested by findings in this Reddit post. This comes from a list of changes reportedly due for Fallout 76 in an upcoming patch and these loot boxes are said to contain some powerful buffs, from increased carry weight to XP boosts and more.

That doesn’t sound bad if players can just get the Lunchboxes in game, in fact, I would welcome an item like this from quest rewards. However, that will likely not be the case because of one big reason. The lines of code mentioning the Lunchboxes has the ATX code attached, which is the “Bethesda Atom Shop profile”. Therefore, it is very likely that if Fallout 76 gets loot boxes, they will be tied to Atom purchases, which you can buy with real money or earn pretty slowly in the game.

Keep in mind that Bethesda has not confirmed that loot boxes will come to Fallout 76 and this could all just be about testing stuff out. With all the negativity surrounding Fallout 76, adding loot boxes would be a terrible choice. Let’s just hope Bethesda doesn’t make a poor decision with this one.

What do you think about the possibility of Fallout 76 getting loot boxes in the future? Let us know in the comment section below.


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