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Facebook Live-Streaming One-Strike Bans Introduced After NZ Massacre

Facebook Live-Streaming

The social media giant announced that it will be putting Facebook live-streaming restrictions and bans in place after the tragic mass shooting by a white supremacist in New Zealand, which the shooter live-streamed to Facebook. The shooter claimed over 50 lives and seriously injured many more when he opened fire at two places of worship in New Zealand.

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Facebook has updated its community standards for Facebook live-streaming and will now impose a one-strike ban on users who break the social media site’s policies. Users that have been banned from using the Facebook live-streaming feature because they broke policy rules, will also be barred from purchasing ads on the social media site.

This one-strike ban policy will not only apply to Facebook live-streaming but will apply to all content posted anywhere to the social media site. So, if you post any violating content anywhere, you will immediately receive a blanket ban, which includes being banned from using the live-streaming feature. The ban will have a time-limit, for example a 30-day ban.

Today we are tightening the rules that apply specifically to Live. We will now apply a ‘one strike’ policy to Live in connection with a broader range of offenses. From now on, anyone who violates our most serious policies will be restricted from using Live for set periods of time – for example 30 days – starting on their first offense. For instance, someone who shares a link to a statement from a terrorist group with no context will now be immediately blocked from using Live for a set period of time.

This update to a one-strike ban comes after New Zealand and France are planning to enter into a non-binding agreement today, called the Christchurch Call. This agreement will urge tech companies to work together with governments to limit the spread of extremists content online.

Do you think Facebook’s updated policy will help limit the spread of extremist content online? Drop us a comment below and let us know.


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