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Dota Pro Circuit App Rewards you for Predicting Circuit Match Winners

Dota Pro Circuit

Valve has just released Dota Pro Circuit – the new Dota betting app for iOS and Android. Dota Pro Circuit lets Dota Plus members predict the winners of Dota Pro Circuit matches. Users are rewarded with Dota Plus Shards (the in-game currency for Dota Plus subscribers) for correctly calling winners in matches.

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The new Dota Pro Circuit is available now for most iOS and Android users, and is more than just an eSports betting app. Aside from allowing users to predict winners in Dota Pro Circuit matches, the app also lets Dota fans keep up with all the latest events in the Dota Pro Circuit with details on matches, players, teams, and tournament results. This will all be displayed to users through customised newsfeeds. There’s a tournament tab which gives you info on Dota Pro Circuit leaderboard standings, which teams are competing, and details on matches, which includes net worth graphs and hero stats.

Dota Pro Circuit

The app lets you catch up on match details from previous events and tournaments, and allows you to follow along with live games through customisable notifications and newsfeed settings. This feature is great for users who like to stay on top of everything Dota, all the time, as well as allowing users to casually catch up on Dota news and events.

There’s also a Fantasy Challenge mode (similar to sports fantasy modes) which gives you the ability to create your ideal roster of champions. Users can compete against each other to win points, granting them Dota Plus Shards based on their points. Users will be able to stack up against each other in a global leaderboard.

The app itself doesn’t cost anything, and is free to download. However, Dota Pro Circuit is only available for Dota Plus subscribers. A Dota Plus subscription costs R55 a month. Dota Pro Shards can be used to purchase a variety of exclusive rewards from the in-game Plus Store. These include cosmetic items, tools, and relics.


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