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Dota 2: ESL One Katowice and MDL Macau 2019 Winners

ESL One Katowice

This past weekend was such great fun for Dota 2 esports fans out there, as we had two tournaments featuring top tier teams battling it out. First up, of course, the ESL One Katowice Major, with a $300,000 prize pool and some all-important DPC points up for grabs. Then, we also saw the MDL Macau 2019 take place, featuring a $300,000 prize pool as well. In the latter tournament, PSG.LGD pulled out at the last minute, which allowed ViCi Gaming to step in.

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If you couldn’t watch some excellent Dota this weekend, then we’ve got you covered with the results and matches (which you can view below) of both the ESL One Katowice and MDL Macau 2019 tournaments.

ESL One Katowice Winners

ESL One Katowice was filled with talent, with some great teams such as Team Secret and TI 2018 winners OG to NiP and Gambit. Then, we also saw a star-studded lineup of casters, from ODPixel and Tobiwan, as well as Redeye as the ever-awesome host, and Sheever as the reporter.

The winner of the ESL One Katowice tournament shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to those who’ve watched the past Major. Team Secret came out on top of the group stage with a 9-1 record and continued their dominance in the playoffs. It was great to see OG show a bit of form and make it to a third-place finish, losing against Gambit in the loser’s bracket finals. Gambit went on to face Team Secret in the Grand Final, but they didn’t really stand a chance as Team Secret crushed them 3-0, claiming their second ESL title in six months. Check out the ESL One Katowice Grand Final games below.

Game One:

Game Two:

Game Three:

MDL Macau 2019

Kuroky’s squad looked incredibly strong throughout the tournament ending in the top spot of the group stage with a 5-2 record. Virtus.Pro, on the other hand, had an uncharacteristically poor performance in the group stage and had to fight their way through the lower bracket. Evil Geniuses broke their third-place curse at MDL Macau 2019, as they managed to beat Virtus.Pro in the lower bracket finals to get a shot at Team Liquid.

On Sunday, 24 February 2019, after EG managed to get past VP, the finals were set. EG faced off against Team Liquid in a BO5 grand final. The MDL Macau 2019 tournament didn’t deliver the best grand finals ever, but it was still great to watch. Team Liquid only stumbled in the second game and managed to beat EG 3-1 in the end. Check out the MDL Macau 2019 grand final games below.

Game One:

Game Two:

Game Three:

Game Four:

Did you watch all the Dota 2 esports this weekend and what did you think about all the awesome matches coming out of ESL One Katowice and MDL Macau 2019? Let us know in the comment section below.


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