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The District 9 Board Game will Let you Experience the Final Days from the South African-Focused Movie

District 9 Board Game

Sci-fi fans around the world loved the 2009-movie, District 9. It was an especially huge deal for South Africans, as the movie was created by South African-born director, Neill Blomkamp and played off in one of the big cities in South Africa – Johannesburg. Now fans can truly immerse themselves into the prawn-infested world, with the District 9 board game.

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District 9: The Boardgame focuses on the climactic final three days of the movie, which lets up to four players relive the excitement and sci-fi fun. You play as one of four factions that have to scavage for alien technology while dodging prawn attacks and other creatures and threats. The District 9 board game is played in rounds. Each round, you get one turn, where you’ll move, play cards, search for technology and dodge enemies and other conflicts.

The goal of the game is to get the most amount of valuable alien technology out of the four factions. Each of the three days has different goals, challenges and surprises. On the first of the last three days, you start the mission to salvage as much alien technology as possible to be able to claim and control District 9. Day 2 becomes more dramatic and adds new characters and conflicts as you progress. By the final day, the cat food hit the fan.

9 hexagon customisable tiles shape the District 9 board game, with players moving through the different districts, salvaging for alien technology and staking their claims. Players are also required to monitor the hostile environment to avoid riots from breaking out.

Fans of the District 9 franchise will be excited to recognise Wikus van der Merwe from the movie as a miniature figurine in the board game. Unfortunately, he isn’t a playable character and ads to the board game’s experience. The board game comes with 73 “highly detailed‘ miniature figurines, which includes 42 characters, 30 prawns, and one Mega Mech. There are also over 300 cards and tokens.

The board game comes from physical effects and design company, Weta Workshop, which is behind some major movies like, of course, District 9, Elysium, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Ghost in the Shell and many more.

You can place preorders now for the new board game, with shipping expected to start by the end of 2019.


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