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Detective Pikachu Leaks Online – Watch The Full Movie Here

Detective Pikachu Online

If you are excited to watch the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie then today is your lucky day. Ryan Reynolds, the star and voice of Pikachu in the upcoming film has uploaded the movie to YouTube for free viewing. The Detective Pikachu online full movie is now available for free viewing. Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to post the link from an account called “Inspector Pikachu”. The film even has Ryan’s watermark on it.

The film comes in at around one hour and 42 minutes.

Of course, this is not the actual full movie, rather an elaborate prank by Warner Bros. and Ryan Reynolds and some pretty smart marketing. When I saw the link online I immediately clicked on it to only realize that the entire thing is just Pikachu dancing for over an hour. Clever indeed. This is one of the biggest trolls of 2019 and something people could be clicking on for months as they search for ways to watch Detective Pikachu online on a bootleg copy.

Detective Pikachu actually releases on 17 May 2019 in South Africa. The live-action adaption of the popular 2017 video game “Detective Pikachu” sees Pikachu (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) explore the world of Pokemon that is one with our world. Pokemon and humans live together in what seems like peace until a threat appears that could unbalance the entire world.

Check out the latest trailer from the film down below and make sure to watch Pikachu dancing for a while to brighten your day.

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