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Dangerous YouTube Pranks Are Now Banned

Dangerous YouTube Pranks

After a number of people attempted the so-called Bird Box Challenge, dangerous YouTube pranks are now banned from being uploaded onto the video sharing platform.

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Bird Box is a new Netflix thriller, starring Sandra Bullock. In the movie, characters are required to cover their eyes with a blindfold (for reasons we won’t spoil for you here) and have to complete rather difficult and super dangerous tasks, like driving or sailing on a dangerous river. After the movie was trending on Netflix, people started doing their own Bird Box Challenge. This Bird Box Challenge caused a lot of people to attempt really crazy things while being blindfolded, and soon became one of the most dangerous YouTube pranks ever.

Many Other Dangerous YouTube Pranks

The Bird Box Challenge isn’t the first to disturb the Internet. There have been many other dangerous YouTube pranks. One of the most recent, and most disturbing of these dangerous YouTube pranks, was the Tide pod challenge. This challenge saw a bunch of young people eating washing pods, which are filled with washing detergent and other dangerous chemicals that are not suitable for human consumption.

Now, dangerous YouTube pranks are banned. YouTube confirmed that the platform hosts many YouTube videos that involves harmless pranks and challenges, that are considered to be fun. But YouTube warned users that there is a line that is being crossed, where challenges turn into dangerous YouTube pranks. The platform has vowed to remove and ban YouTube videos that feature “pranks with a perceived danger of serious physical injury“. YouTube went on to clarify that a challenge that doesn’t actually physically hurt you but makes another person believe they’re being hurt, will also be banned.

However, it’s still a little unclear how YouTube plans to enforce the new rules. When you go onto YouTube, you can find a lot of harmful and dangerous content on the video sharing platform, that has not been removed by YouTube. Many of these YouTube videos have millions of views and have been on the platform for a long time.

Some of the most dangerous YouTube pranks have actually resulted in death. Last year, Monalisa Perez was sentenced to six months in prison after a YouTube prank went deadly wrong. Her and her boyfriend at the time, Mario Ruiz, attempted to pull a prank where an encyclopedia was meant to protect Mario Ruiz from a gunshot fired by Monalisa Perez. The prank went horribly wrong, resulting in the unfortunate death of Mario Ruiz.


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