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Mysterious New Bethesda Game Spotted On Amazon With A Fallout-Style Countdown

Bethesda Game

A Bethesda game placeholder was spotted on Amazon. The placeholder is for an unnamed Bethesda game which was listed on Amazon, with the listing accompanied by a Fallout-style countdown video. Because this was just a Bethesda game placeholder, the Amazon listing is shrouded in mystery right now.

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The Amazon listing was spotted by Twitter user, Wario64, who shared screenshots of the placeholder online. The Amazon placeholders, which have since been removed, were for a Bethesda game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Amazon listing also showed that this upcoming title will have three editions – a standard edition, a deluxe edition and collector’s edition. Each of the three editions of this upcoming Bethesda game was listed at $59.99, but this could be because the listings were only placeholders for now. The release date for the unnamed title was listed as 31 December, but this is, again, presumably because it was a placeholder for now. While the game was still listed on Amazon, the versions were available for pre-order with Wario64 noting that there’s “[n]o risk in preordering just in case it’s something worthwhile“. As of writing this, the links don’t work anymore, with Bethesda or Amazon maybe picking up on the mistake and removing the placeholders for now.

Another little bit of info spotted for this mysterious upcoming Bethesday is an accompanying Fallout-style countdown video. The countdown is from 10, and that’s it. No more information is available regarding this new upcoming game at this point.

What could this new Bethesda game be? There are speculations that the new Bethesda game could be for remastered versions of Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas, but at this point, it’s a guessing game.

What do you think this Amazon listing was for?


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