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Minecraft May Be The Best Selling Game Of All Time

Best Selling Game

Minecraft is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and might also be the best selling game of all time. As part of its 10 years anniversary, the Creative Director of Minecraft, Saxs Persson, shared some very impressive figures for the game, which could mean that it’s the best selling game of all time.

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In a post to celebrate 10 years of Minecraft magic, it’s been revealed that the game has sold more than 176 million copies to-date. That massive figure includes sales across all platforms, including mobile.

This is an incredibly exciting time for Minecraft. Ten years ago today, the game launched on PC. Now, Minecraft has sold more than 176 million copies to-date in virtually every country in the world.

Comparing Minecraft to other popular selling video games, like Tetris and Grand Theft Auto V,  Minecraft might be the best selling game of all time. Tetris reported in 2014 that it has sold over 170 million copies, with no updated figures available. Grand Theft Auto V has reportedly sold over 110 million copies, making it the only other game to have reached over 100 million copies sold. Wii Sport, which was released in 2006 has sold just under 90 million copies. PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds has sold over 50 million copies, and has only been out since 2017.

Minecraft has also revealed the first look of its upcoming Minecraft augmented reality-based mobile game, which is set for release on iOS and Android devices. Minecraft Earth will let you merge the Minecraft world with the real world, and will users create in unique and fun new ways. No release date is set yet.

Over the past 10 years, Minecraft has obviously captivated many fans around the world and will probably continue to grow, especially with the upcoming release of its new mobile game.

Are you a fan of the Minecraft franchise?


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