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Spider-Man Developer, Insomniac Games Could be Announcing a New Game Next Week

Spider-Man is one of the greatest games of 2018. While Insomniac Games is most likely hard at work developing the upcoming three DLC packs for the game, they could also be announcing something new soon. Take this with a pinch of salt or just reading way too much into something but something was teased in Spider-Man itself and it is making everyone wonder if it could be real.

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In Spider-Man, you are able to check up on your social media feed throughout the game. Most of the time this feed is filled with useless information, jokes and even a troll or two but last night something came up that could actually have some use to the world.

The user “igTedPrice” posted on the social media feed and teased an upcoming Insomniac Games new game reveal.

Hey did you hear that insomniacgames is announcing a new game next week?

Spider Man Tease

If you don’t know, Ted Price is the President and CEO of Insomniac Games so the social media handle is no coincidence. If an actual announcement is taking place is still a mystery but it would be pretty cool if it did.

Many people are speculating that the announcement could be Sunset Overdrive 2. A sequel to the awesome 2014 Xbox One exclusive. Some people are also guessing that if that is the case, the game will most likely be released on PS4 too.

We will just have to wait and see if anything actually comes out of this tease.

Marco Cocomello

Marco Cocomello

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Marco Cocomello
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