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A new Dragon Age game might already be in development

The original Dragon Age is, to this day, one of my all-time favourite RPGs, up there with the likes of Baldur’s Gate 2 and Planescape Torment. That’s why, when BioWare tried something new with Dragon Age: Inquisition (image above), and it didn’t work out that well, my heart sank. Sure, the game wasn’t bad and many people enjoyed it, but I preferred the original above all else. We all know BioWare is working on Anthem as their next big project, but what comes after Anthem? Well, it looks a new Dragon Age game is up next and that there are already people hard at work on the project.

The news comes from Mark Darrah, the Executive Producer of both Anthem and the entire Dragon Age franchise. Mr Darrah recently tweeted this little gem, basically confirming that a new Dragon Age is in the works:

Halfway through my trip to Barcelona! I’m here showing Anthem internally to EA. I am EP of BOTH DA and Anthem working with @Bio_Warner as Game Director Anthem’s up next but there are people hard at work on both franchises and I look forward to sharing more in the future” – Source

There is no indication of which phase of development the game is in, heck, it could still be in a planning phase where devs are hard at work on ideas. Still, this comes from the EP of the Dragon Age franchise, so there is no doubt in my mind that after Anthem, BioWare will shift their focus to their next big project, the new Dragon Age game.

As always, it is always good to take news like this with a grain of salt, even if it comes from Mark Darrah. Things happen during development and games to get scrapped or ideas do get thrown out, so to err on the side of caution, I suggest waiting for an official announcement before getting too hyped.

Are you a fan of the Dragon Age franchise and do you think BioWare should go back to their roots with a new Dragon Age game? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Twitter

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