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Steam’s latest feature nerfs review bombing


It seems like review bombing is the new and possibly hip way to get your voice heard, be it for the sake of protesting about something you disagree with that the developer has done, or for whatever other reason you like.

We recently covered how Dota 2 got bombarded by negative reviews after Valve announced Artifact instead of what fans wanted, Half-Life 3. Then, after the indie developer, Campo Santo, called for a DCMA strike against PewDiePie after a racial slur debacle, their game Firewatch was also bombed with negative reviews.

Valve is having none of that, as they have now implemented a new feature that, in essence, nerfs review bombing. Valve recently talked about the new feature in a lengthy post on Steam, explaining that:

We've been planning some changes to User Reviews for a while now, and we thought it'd be useful to give you some insight into our thinking on review bombing, which is one of the problems we're tackling. Review bombing is where players post a large number of reviews in a very compressed time frame, aimed at lowering the Review Score of a game. At the same time, they upvote each other's reviews and downvote all the other reviews.

Valve continues by talking about their solution to review bombing:

In short, review bombs make it harder for the Review Score to achieve its goal of accurately representing the likelihood that you'd be happy with your purchase if you bought a game. We thought it would be good to fix that if we could do it in a way that didn't stop players from being able to voice their opinions.”    


The feature in action on the Firewatch page


The feature in action on the Dota 2 page  

As you can see, there is now a big notification that basically alerts users that the game has been review bombed. You can exclude those negative reviews, or you can choose to read them. Therefore, players still get to voice their opinions while others who don’t care about these issues can just read the game’s overall reviews.

What do you think about the new Steam feature and review bombing in general? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Steam

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