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Valve reveals some impressive Steam numbers


Earlier this week, Valve revealed some of Steam's biggest numbers during a presentation at Casual Connect in Seattle. We all know Steam is big, that it's PC gamings sweetheart – but just how much money is Valve making of the platform? A lot, probably more than you think.

While the exact sales number is unknown, GeekWire did manage to take a photo of the most important numbers.

Steam by the numbers

  • 27 Million new purchases since January 2017
  • 1.5 Million average for new monthly purchases

We all know the above sales numbers mostly include games not developed by Valve. Steam is a PC gaming distribution platform, and we do not know how much Valve gets from those sales. In 2015, a report by Steam Spy indicated that Valve owned 15% of the 27 billion USD PC games market – ! It's an impressive number if you consider that it's mostly from cosmetic item sales from three games, Team Fortress 2, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

When it comes to revealing the actual cash Valve collects of Steam sales, it's mostly a guessing game as they've always been very tight-lipped about it. In 2015, Valve stated that they get about 30% of every Steam sale (reported by engadget), so the next question would be, what is the cost of the average Steam game? It's not an easy question to answer because of the price difference between Indies and AAA games. According to various sources, in 2015 that price was about $50. No wonder Steam is hacker central! Remember that report in 2015 where Valve stated that an average of 77 000 Steam accounts are hacked – monthly.

But back to 2017, here are the rest of the Steam numbers.

  • 14 Million peak concurrent users
  • 8.4 Million in 2015 was the previous record
  • 33 Million daily active users
  • 67 Million monthly active users

Comparing the above monthly active users to Xbox Live and the the PlayStation Network.

  • 53 Million monthly active users for Xbox Live (last quarter)
  • 70 Million monthly active users for PSN (March 2017 report)

“Steam capitalizes on the fact that PCs are not just tools for consumption, but also creation,” stated Valve's Tom Giardino who led the presentation. I've been a Steam user since the platform opened, and it's simply the best PC gaming distribution platform ever designed – and it keeps getting better.

Source: GeekWire

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