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The Xbox One X has many unannounced games in development according to Microsoft



The Xbox One X is a mighty fine console of which I cannot wait to get my hands on it, but it has a few obstacles in its way. In South Africa, we have no idea what the release date and pricing is for it, and overall the lack of first-party games on the console has us all concerned that there will be nothing to play other than older enhanced games. You can have all the backwards compatible games in the world but if you have nothing new that is exclusive to your console then you are kind of missing the point of a new piece of hardware.

While this is everyone's main concern right now, Microsoft says that we should not worry ourselves too much as there are indeed a couple of Xbox One X exclusive games coming our way that will make us feel better. In an interview with GamingBolt, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg touched on the lack of exclusives on the Xbox One X and the future of the console. 

“One of the things we have been thoughtful about is when do we want to start talking about new games? Phil Spencer has talked about this previously, too. For example, The Coalition is very hard at work right now on a number of things- we aren’t talking about them right now. 343 is doing Awakening, the expansion of Halo Wars 2, but we aren’t talking about other things they’re doing.”

Greenberg went on to say that gamers should feel confident about investing in the Xbox One as there is a lot of content in the works.  According to Greenberg, there are a lot of things people have “never heard of, new games, and things made by existing studios.” 

This information is kind of expected. If a studio is not working on something we know about, then they are working on something we don't know about. Kind of pointing out the obvious here, but this does help give us some sort of insight to the console's future. If Microsoft does indeed have each of their studios working on one exclusive for the Xbox One X, then this time next year we should have some great games to pad the exclusive library. 

Right now it is a case of just not being ready to announce anything in fear of it being a “spoiler” according to Greenberg. You can't really spoil a game if it has not been announced, can you? This still does not make us as South African Xbox One X potential owners happy at all. Last week we announced that the console has not been dated in SA and the R7499 price tag has been removed. This means not only will we probably be paying more for it when it eventually releases here, but we might not get the console until next year sometime. 

Do you think Microsoft will ever compete with Sony's exclusive lineup? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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