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Rapoo VPRO V500S Mechanical Keyboard and V310 Gaming Mouse Review


I received both the Rapoo VPRO V500S Mechanical Keyboard and the V310 Gaming Mouse to review roughly two weeks ago. Not knowing anything about the brand, I was very curious to see how these two products would match up to my expectations for a Gaming Mouse and a Mechanical Keyboard.

With two weeks of using the products for both work and gaming purposes, I am now ready to share my opinion on both these Rapoo gaming peripherals. Please note that the V500S VPRO Mechanical Keyboard and V310 Gaming Mouse did not come as a combo packages. They are two separate products, but we decided to review them both in a single article.

V500S Mechanical Keyboard

When I first opened the box for the V500S Mechanical Keyboard, I was a bit disappointed. The packaging isn’t of the highest quality and most importantly for me, there was no wrist rest.

The keyboard is and its keys are quite high, which meant through two weeks of working on it, typing articles and playing games, my wrists became very sore, even after only a few hours of continuous use. With that being said, I know some people do not prefer wrist wrests, it all depends on preference. However, there were some other issues that I experienced right out of the box.


First off, the rubber that patches that are supposed to keep the keyboard in place didn’t work well with the keyboard I receive, as it kept sliding to the left when I pressed too hard. Further, the keys felt a bit cheap, as you can tell the letters and numbers are just painted on, which could be worrisome after months of use.

The keyboard features full mechanical key switches, with a completely conflict free design, which I can attest to. The keys were also highly responsive and every key is programmable with the keyboard’s software.


Speaking of the software, you can also adjust the backlights, with the APM backlight mode being my favourite, lighting up in terms of my actions-per-minute (APM), which makes for a very cool display, especially since I am currently reviewing StarCraft: Remastered, a game where your APM is key.

I had no issues installing the software the for V500S Mechanical Keyboard, nor did I experience any technical difficulties. Even so, the keyboard just felt a bit underwhelming and didn’t have any exceptional aspect to it.

The one thing I did like, and it is something those who have used a mechanical keyboard would know a lot about, is the awesome clicking sound each key makes. Although it is probably not a good idea to use the keyboard while others are sleeping nearby, each keystroke had a wonderful sound to it.


V310 Gaming Mouse

The V310 Gaming Mouse didn’t make a good first impression because when I plugged it into my PC for the first time, the speed was so fast that I couldn’t even click on anything I wanted and I struggled to finally install the drivers and get the speed down.

The mouse felt quite light and the build quality didn’t feel top-notch, but that could all be overlooked, was it not for the weird “wings” the mouse has at its back. I simply don’t see the need for them and they felt intrusive, even in my relatively small hand. As a design, for display purposes, they might look kind of nice for some gamers, but for me, it was just a hazard and completely unnecessary.


One cool feature I did come to love about the mouse is that proximity sensing breathing mode, which was on by default. At first, I thought there was something wrong with the mouse while trying to take the photo below. However, I realized that the lights only come on when you touch the mouse, which was pretty cool.

Just like the V500S Mechanical Keyboard, it also has various settings, like the APM mode, which you can adjust in the mouse’s settings. It looks great and again, I didn’t experience any technical issues with the peripheral or the software.


The mouse’s tracking felt good and in gaming, it did deliver a decent experience. I played some Quake Champions to test the accuracy of the mouse and came back slightly impressed. It isn’t the best gaming mouse I have used, but it also isn’t terrible. Unfortunately, the mouse wheel didn’t feel that good, making the act of switching between weapons in a chore.

At times, it was over-sensitive, while at other times it felt like it skipped a beat – that is without changing any settings in-between. Clicks were responsive and everything was decent when gaming, but I simply couldn’t get rid of that feeling that the quality of the build is mediocre, at best.

Lastly, the mouse has a nice, long braided cord, which means it can’t get tangled up quite quickly and it is something I think many gamers who have used a gaming mouse before would want in their weapon of choice.


The Verdict and prices

Both the mouse and the keyboard are decent, quality products. I would recommend the V500S Mechanical Keyboard at its asking price of R799, as it is one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards out there and it’s not bad at all. However, the V310 Gaming Mouse I simply cannot recommend at the price of R849, because there are better mice out there that you can pick up for the same price, or maybe even less. 

All in all, I had a decent time gaming with both the mouse and keyboard, but when it came to work, my hands got tired from typing on it with its high keys and lack of wrist rest. I did enjoy the clicking sound of the mechanical keyboard and although I didn’t like the mouse’s design, it didn’t give me any technical issues, apart from the first time I plugged it in.  

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